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Patient Testimonials

“My sister recommended Dr. Reza Shahim because I was not receiving the necessary care for my back issues from other physicians. Dr. Shahim was amazing. He explained everything in detail, and gave me several options. He was insistent that his first priority was for me to be satisfied and comfortable with the decision. I would recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital because anyone in pain wants to know the doctors and the staff care. The staff was extremely courteous and concerned for my health.

I was able to go on a Homeschool hiking field trip with children in Heber Springs. Prior to the surgery, I would not have made it out of the car, and certainly not a two mile hike. I’m also able to walk my two lovely dogs, Martin and Shang.” 

- LaKesa Robinson, Spine Surgery

LaKesa Robinson

“Would I recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital? Absolutely, and I already have. The hospital was immaculate, the staff was extremely competent, the location was safe and easy to get to. All I can say is that this whole experience was life changing. I never gave thanks to God above as much and as consistently as I have since my first operation.

From day one, I have watched my body heal. Today I’m about 17 weeks past my first hip and 9 weeks past my second hip, I’m back to work, I can stand on my feet all day, walk anywhere and ride my bike no problem, and today I mowed my yard! I have truly been given a second chance at life…Maybe I’ll have to change the way I do certain things, but I know I won’t have to change the things I do.” 

- Jerry Dynek, Two Hip Replacements

Jerry Dynek

“I am very much involved in strength sports and bodybuilding. I take my body and muscle very seriously. Dr. Stewart has helped me with several injuries and performed two surgeries on me. He has replaced my right ACL (2009) and reattached my right pectoral muscle (2012). He also helped me with a recent hamstring tear (2015). My hospital visits went better than I ever could have expected.

Dr. Stewart and Chris Casey took great time and care to understand my situation and address each injury in the best way possible. The entire time I felt like I was his only patient, and not just another person on an assembly line. The staff and accommodations at Arkansas Surgical Hospital were exceptional. Everyone was courteous and professional and it never felt like I was in a “hospital” at all.”

- Jonathan Manek, multiple orthopedic surgeries

Jonathan Manek
After a lifetime of using, and abusing, my legs in any sport that had a ball attached to it, my knees finally sent me the memo… ‘we’re done’. In an effort to allow me to limp to the finish line, my personal physician Dr. Ron Fewell, referred me to Dr. Jason Stewart…for that referral I am eternally grateful. He put a patch on the problem for about three years with a series of Orthovisc injections. The therapy was effective to a point and allowed me to squeeze a few more years out of the 'original equipment'. At every Orthovisc session I would ask the good doctor, 'is it time to bite the bullet and have the knees replaced?' Each time the response would be the same, 'when that time comes, you won’t ask me, you will tell me it’s time.' When that day finally arrived Dr. Stewart simply stated…'I’ll do my job if you’ll do yours'. And man-o-day, did he do his job!! With the utmost professional care, compassion, and attention he set about the task of giving me back what I had lost through the years, the ability to use my legs without limitation and without pain. Words can’t adequately express my deep appreciation for that gift!! THANK YOU Dr. Jason Stewart. I would also be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Jason’s outstanding staff: Chris, Kay, Yvonne, Crystal, PT Staff and all the others who were so kind and helpful throughout the entire process….very special people who helped make the experience even more memorable. Thank you!"
Chuck Hicks
I endured the physical abuse of rice and soybean farming in the buckshot mud of southeast Arkansas for over 40 years. Add to that arthritic and bowed knees. To say that I had pain was a gross understatement. Because of the fine surgical skills of Dr. Scott Bowen and the excellent care I received at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, I experienced two total knee replacements that now allow me the pain free pleasure of yard work, golf and keeping up with 8 grandchildren.”
David Walt
The entire staff was great, and they explained everything to me. They made sure I wanted for nothing!"
Mimi Anderson
We love Dr. Ken Martin. We love the care we got at Arkansas Surgical Hospital and would come again if needed. Everything is so clean and friendly! We would recommend the hospital to everyone. Our granddaughter told us about the hospital, and when we learned that this is where Dr. Martin does surgery, it was the best choice for us."
Melvin & Wanda McAdoo
I went with Dr. Hefley because I heard he was the best, and I did noninvasive surgery with faster recovery. Nobody wants to have surgery, but when you come here (to Arkansas Surgical Hospital) it is like a country club. Rooms were nice and everyone checked on me. The care I received, the friendliness and professionalism is why I would recommend the hospital."
Roberta Rhein
The entire staff was pleasant, professional and went beyond what you should expect to receive as a patient. An all RN staff, a 5 to 1 ratio for patient care; CNA’s exceptional dietary excellence—BRAVO!"
Judith B
I have never experienced a hospital that displayed the amount of compassion and professionalism that Arkansas Surgical Hospital does. Please extend my sincere appreciation to all of your staff, and keep up the good work. I would have absolutely no problem recommending your facility to anyone, for anything."
Tony M
I was impressed with the attention to detail that was paid to make sure I was the correct patient having the proper procedure on the proper appendage. After my discharge I received two follow-up calls from Arkansas Surgical Hospital just to make sure everything was OK. I have never received this kind of service for the myriad of other surgical procedures I have had done, and I wanted you to know I appreciate it!"
Leslie K
This hospital did not seem like a hospital in the traditional sense. It seemed like I was being treated at home. The accommodations were wonderful by most hospital standards; the privacy was excellent. The staff was professional, courteous and respectful. They seemed to go out of their way to be helpful. The nursing staff explained everything they would be doing. They answered every question I had. I don't believe I could have received better care at any other hospital."
Michael B
Arkansas Surgical Hospital is the best! I had the greatest experience during my recent stay. I had professional, compassionate care, and my husband felt at home while he stayed with me. If it weren’t for your kind generosity on the ‘Day of Giving’ I would still be suffering in pain everyday! I could never say ‘thank you’ enough!! Freedom from pain is indescribable! I will forever be grateful! A few words to describe Arkansas Surgical Hospital and its staff: professional, kind, compassionate, hospitable, providing a comforting atmosphere and the greatest in-patient experience I ever had!!"
Kimberly S
My husband, Troy, came to Arkansas Surgical Hospital for a ruptured cervical disc. Troy experienced much pain, and was somewhat nervous to say the least. When we walked in the front doors of Arkansas Surgical Hospital, we felt immediate relief. Wow, what an amazing hospital! I can tell you that it was the best experience Troy and I have ever had with any type of medical facility. We were promptly greeted and given our step-by-step instructions in a very friendly manner. We felt right at home. The décor was breathtaking and the people were wonderful to us. I was amazed at the comfort level we experienced. It was as though we were in a nice hotel! The accommodations were fabulous! The nursing staff was so attentive; and again, I think Troy and I were in shock as to the way we were treated. We loved it! No doubt Arkansas has a real jewel with the standard of care given by Arkansas Surgical Hospital and its fine physicians."
Martha B
I am very pleased with the excellent quality and attention to detail provided by all the radiologists at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. The open MRI provided the ultimate in comfort, and I am always confident in receiving the best technology and the most experienced physicians available."
Don C
There was no real way for me to express how I feel about hour hospital, except to write this letter. My husband and I feel this hospital is the best around. In fact, we can’t quit telling our friends and family about the facility and the care we received. Not only was the nursing staff courteous and kind, but everyone from the janitors to the kitchen staff were attentive and helpful. We were especially impressed with your family-oriented patient suites. I know hospitals are for the sick and injured, but to know your family has accommodations and are welcome to stay helps the patients recover quicker! Thank you!"
Barbara S
We had the pleasure of using Arkansas Surgical Hospital for my husband’s back surgery. Everyone was professional and friendly from our initial check-in to the quality care given in pre-op. Our first nurse went beyond what was expected with her level of care, and the CNA was also very kind and professional. When we checked out, our instructions were very clear. We appreciate all that your staff did to make our hospital visit a good experience."
John R’s Wife