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Podiatry is a branch of medicine that provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all foot and ankle conditions, including bunions, hammertoes, ingrown nails, corns and calluses, plantar warts, and arthritic deformities. Additionally, Arkansas Surgical Hospital physicians have expertise in the management of diabetic foot problems, sports injuries, and trauma to the foot and ankle. 

Ankle and Foot Procedures


Bunionectomy: A cut or cuts made in the affected bone or bones to restore proper alignment.

Foot/Ankle Fusion

Foot/Ankle Fusion: In this process, the diseased cartilage is removed, the bone ends are cut off, and the two bone ends are fused into one solid bone with metal internal fixation. There is no further motion in the joint, but importantly, there is also no further pain.

Ankle Arthroscopy

Ankle Arthroscopy: Ankle arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that uses a fiber-optic viewing camera and small surgical tools to operate in and around the ankle joint through small incisions. Ankle arthroscopy is performed for the surgical evaluation and treatment of a variety of ankle conditions. Arthroscopic surgery can have a quicker recovery time than traditional open surgery.