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Meet Our Doctors

Alphabetical List of Doctors

Allison, M.D. Russell B.—Orthopedic Surgery

Abraham, M.D., FACS, Dana—Breast Oncology Surgery

Adametz, M.D., James—Spine Surgery—Owner

Baskin, M.D., Barry—Hospitalist

Beck, M.D., Jason—Radiology

Bowen, M.D., Scott—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Branman, M.D., Rhys—Cosmetic Surgery—Owner

Burks, D.P.M., Jesse—Podiatric Surgery

Calhoun, M.D., Michael—Spine Surgery—Owner

Cathey, M.D., Steven—Spine Surgery

Cheairs, M.D., John—Anesthesia—Owner

Hart, M.D., Tom—Interventional Pain Management—Owner

Hefley, M.D., Bill—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Hunter, M.D., Karla—Anesthesia

Lorio, M.D., Allison—Anesthesia

Lorio, M.D., Jerry—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Martin, M.D., Ken—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Mason, M.D., Zach—Spine Surgery—Owner

Meadors, M.D., Carol—Anesthesia

Moore, D.O., Samuel—Orthopedic Surgery

Nguyen, M.D., Larry—Orthopedic Surgery

Nowlin, M.D., Bill—Anesthesia

Rhodes, M.D., David—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Riley, M.D., Clay—Orthopedic Surgery

Robertson, M.D., Daniel—Anesthesia

Rosenzweig, M.D., Kenneth—Interventional Pain Management

Rudder, M.D., James—Orthopedic Surgery

Sessions, M.D., Les—Hospitalist

Shahim, M.D., Reza—Spine Surgery—Owner

Stewart M.D., Jason—Orthopedic Surgery—Owner

Thomas, M.D., Brad—Spine Surgery—Owner

Whitlock, M.D., Shane—Radiology

Wright, M.D., Bill—Anesthesia