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River Trail Grille

Open M-F, 6:30a.m.-2:00 p.m. Closed Saturday & Sunday

Guests may order an after-hours meal at the time the patient is registered. Additionally, guests may order meals by seeing the cashier in the River Trail Grille. Typically, guest trays are limited to one tray per room, but special arrangements can be made if additional meals are needed. Guests may purchase other meals (breakfast and lunch) Monday through Friday in the Grille. Guest trays are available for all meals on weekends. Guests should notify the nursing staff of needed meal trays and nursing will contact the dietary department to ensure a meal is delivered.

Refreshments for patients are available in the nourishment room on the Patient Care Unit. These include cold drinks, juices, ice cream, puddings, gelatin, crackers, cheese, and peanut butter. Soups and microwavable dinners are also available for patients after the dietary department has closed.  Nursing staff can provide these to the patients. 

Coffee and vending machines are located throughout the facility and are available for guests on the patient care unit.