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Your shoulder is composed of three bones: your upper arm bone (humerus), your shoulder blade (scapula) and your collarbone (clavicle). The head of your upper arm bone fits into a rounded socket in your shoulder blade. A variety of muscles and tendons (rotator cuff) keep your arm bone centered in the socket. They cover the head of your upper arm bone and attach it to your shoulder blade. Most shoulder problems fall into four major categories: Tendon inflammation or tendon tear, instability, arthritis, or fracture.  

Orthopedic Procedures at Arkansas Surgical Hospital

Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair: Rotator cuff repair is a surgery that repairs a torn tendon in the shoulder. The procedure can be done with a traditional open incision or with shoulder arthroscopy, which uses small button-hole sized incisions.


Arthroscopy: A minimally invasive operation to repair a damaged joint; the surgeon examines the joint with an arthroscope while making repairs through a small incision.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries: Sports injuries result from acute trauma or repetitive stress associated with athletic activities. Sports injuries can affect bones or soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons). Professional dancers are increasingly recognized as performing athletes, and many of the treatments and preventive measures utilized in sports medicine are now applied to dance-related injuries. Many types of injuries that affect athletes may also occur in workers in certain occupations.