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Your Hospital Stay/
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Your Hospital Stay

Before You Arrive for Your Surgery/Procedure

  • Discuss your surgical procedure with your physician.
  • Do not DRINK or EAT anything after midnight, EXCEPT: heart, blood pressure, anti-seizure, and stomach medications. Take these medications only with a small sip of water.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Do not wear nail polish, makeup or jewelry.
  • Bring your current medications in their original containers. Bring your home medications with you to the hospital at your pre-testing appointment and/or upon admission to the hospital. If they are prescription medications, keep them in their prescription bottles. If you take any over-the-counter medications, bring them also. If your physician wants you to continue taking your prescription medications while you are in the hospital, your bottles will be kept in a locked room and administered by your nurse.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a Photo ID and your Insurance Card.
  • Do not bring guns, or pets. They are not allowed on hospital property.
  • Read the Patients Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Read Patient Financial Responsibilities.
  • Bring personal items you may need, such as nightwear, toothbrush, denture cleaner, hairbrush, glasses, hearing aids, and any special equipment such as a CPAP machine.

The day before your scheduled procedure, you should receive a phone call from a nurse at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. This phone call is to confirm your scheduled appointment, confirm your procedure, and to remind you of pre-operative instructions, such as no eating after midnight and to bring your medications. If your physician’s office has not given you an assigned time to arrive at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, you will be given a time during this phone call.

Arrival for Your Surgery/Procedure

The check-in process upon arrival is the opportunity for the hospital to collect all necessary information for your procedure and your stay. Your information may only be accessed by those who need the information to provide care. The staff at Arkansas Surgical Hospital has a legal duty to keep your information confidential and secure. This facility complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Smoking, Pets, and Firearms

Smoking is not allowed inside the hospital or on any of the hospital grounds. This applies to all patients, visitors, and staff. Arkansas State Law, ACT 134, prohibits the use of tobacco products including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in and on the grounds of Arkansas Surgical Hospital.

Pets of any kind are not allowed in the hospital building. Service animals are excluded from this prohibition.

Firearms are not permitted in the hospital building or hospital grounds.

Family Paging System

Once you have completed the admissions process your family/guest will be provided with a pager. We will use this pager to contact your family/guest when they can go back and see you prior to your surgery. Additionally, we will use this pager to notify your family/guest that the surgeon is ready to meet with them after your surgery is complete.

When the pager alerts, your family/guest will return to the front desk and receive additional instructions. The pager will:

  • Have a number and be blue in color
  • Flash red, vibrate, make a tone
  • Operate inside all hospital areas and in the parking lot
  • Be collected after family/guest no longer need the pager

Note: If a pager has not been collected and goes home with the family, please call 501.748.8000 to arrange for its return. Thank you!