How to Explain and Treat Your Joint Pain

Achy, Sore, Stiff, Inflamed: How to Explain and Treat Your Joint Pain

Determining the cause of your joint pain is the first step in finding an effective treatment.

Your joints make it possible for you to walk, bend, sit, and perform a wide range of other motions. When you have regular joint pain or stiffness, performing even these most basic movements can be an ordeal. Stiffness and persistent pain can be symptoms of certain conditions that arise from joint inflammation or deterioration. The following are some of the conditions that could be causing your sore joints. Using descriptive language about your joint pain when talking to your doctor can help them diagnose you more accurately. Are your joints sore, stiff, and aching? Let your doctor know.

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Find Out What’s Causing Your Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain affects many people, but the underlying conditions that cause it can vary widely. Learning more about the common causes of knee pain can help you narrow down your available treatment options.

Everyone experiences twinges of knee and joint pain as they age, but for some people, knee pain persists over a long period. Chronic knee pain can make it hard to complete everyday activities or even perform simple movements, such as bending down. The exact symptoms associated with your chronic knee pain and the types of treatment available to you vary depending on the underlying cause.

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Do You Need a Total Knee Replacement?

600,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed worldwide each year. Over 90% of people who undergo total knee replacement experience an improvement in knee function and a reduction of knee pain.

Knee pain caused by arthritis, wear and tear, injury, or degenerative disease often progresses beyond non-surgical treatments. During knee replacement surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will replace your damaged knee joint with synthetic components and resurface your existing knee. Total knee replacement benefits include the restoration of your knee’s performance and range of motion.

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I Tore My ACL, Now What? Your ACL Reconstruction and Surgery Options

ACL tears are painful knee injuries that may require surgical treatment. ACL reconstruction surgery using tendon grafts can help restore your knee’s stability.

Roughly 200,000 people in the US injure the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee each year. Your ACL keeps your knee joint stable and allows its full range of motion. When your ACL is partially or completely torn, you will have trouble putting weight on the affected knee, as well as bending and extending it fully. In some cases, you may need an ACL reconstruction to repair your injured ligament.

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Recovering From Knee Surgery

Recovering From a Knee Replacement Surgery: What You Should Expect

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 90% of people who have a knee replacement experience a significant decrease in pain. If you suffer from chronic knee pain or arthritis of the knee, knee replacement surgery may improve your quality of life.

Every patient undergoing knee replacement surgery recovery responds differently during the process. Anywhere between four and seven weeks to walk with minimal assistance is considered normal. If it takes longer than that, or your quality of life is being affected by pain, talk to your doctor.

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Our Answers to Your FAQs About ACL Repair Surgery

It is not uncommon for athletes to experience ACL injuries that require surgery to repair. We know that you will have questions when it comes time to speak with a surgeon, so here is some information to help you make an informed decision about your care.

Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) allows you to run and walk successfully by stabilizing the motions of your knee joint. This means that dancers, gymnasts, cyclists, and other athletes like football and basketball players who stress this joint the most are often at risk of injuring their ACL. When this important knee ligament becomes strained or torn, an ACL repair surgery can fix the damage and help you return to your favorite activities.

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