Spine Surgery

September 14, 2016

20 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon to Prepare for Your Back Operation


A back pain operation can provide you with relief for chronic pain, but it can also be a complicated procedure with significant recovery time. Asking your surgeon questions can give you peace of mind.

As you are preparing for spine surgery in Arkansas, taking a proactive approach to learning about the procedure and the back pain operation recovery process will allow you to be an active participant in your treatment. It will not only put your mind at ease, but allow you to let family and friends know how they can help as you recover. Asking your surgeon these questions is a good first step in preparing for spine surgery.

  1. What contributed to my back pain and is there anything I can do to prevent back pain in the future?
  2. What will happen if I delay a back pain operation for this condition?
  3. What type of spine surgery are you recommending and what are the chances it improves my condition?
  4. What happens during each part of this back pain operation?
  5. What kinds of risks and complications are associated with this procedure, and how do you minimize these risks?
  6. How much experience do you have performing this particular procedure, and have you encountered any problems with it?
  7. Are there any non-surgical options that would be effective?
  8. What happens during the procedure if you discover another spine problem aside from the one I am being treated for?
  9. Will you be performing the entire procedure, or will any other surgeons be assisting with some of the back pain operation?
  10. Is it possible for me to speak to other patients who have undergone this procedure or a similar one?
  11. How successful is this procedure on average, and will I need to have it done again if it fails or my condition does not improve?
  12. Are there any long-term effects associated with this procedure that might affect my regular activities?
  13. How much pain should I expect to have after the procedure, and how long does this pain usually last?
  14. Will I be given pain medications after the procedure, and if so, what kind and what are the side effects?
  15. How long will I have to stay in the hospital after having the procedure done?
  16. What types of activities will I need to avoid doing after the procedure, and how long will I need to limit my physical activity?
  17. Can you explain the steps of the recovery process, such as how long I will be out of work and how much physical therapy will I need?
  18. After the procedure will I have to wear a back brace or use any medical equipment while I recover?
  19. What symptoms should I seek immediate medical care for after the procedure, and what symptoms should I consult with you first?
  20. How often do I need to come in for follow-up visits after the procedure is done?

If you suffer from chronic back pain and want to know more about the options available for a back pain operation, contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877) 918-7020 for an appointment. Our renowned spine surgeons will evaluate your condition and recommend the most effective treatment.

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