Dear Patients and Visitors:Brian Fowler, CEO

Welcome to Arkansas Surgical Hospital (ASH) and thank you for trusting us with your care. Giving you a hospital experience like no other is what you should expect from the surgeons and staff at ASH. Getting you back home, doing what you love to do, is our number one priority.

Every patient is unique and that’s why we have created an environment that addresses your specific needs and preferences. At ASH, you can expect a difference…a difference in our:

* Lower than average patient to nurse ratios, meaning your nursing team has more time to address your individual needs.

* Room service allowing you to order meals, created by our in-house Chef, to meet your specific needs and preferences.

* Staff rounding providing intentional time for an open dialogue about your progress, your medicines, and their side effects.

* Education and discharge instructions starting before your surgery begins so your recovery stays on track, even after you leave us.

* Secure patient portal called YourCareEverywhere™ that allows you to review your lab results, medications, diagnoses, and more.

* 41 In-patient suites with a separate area for your family and friends so that your loved ones can stay with you during your hospital stay.

We are committed to hearing and learning about you, so please contact a member of our staff anytime you have a question or concern. You have a choice in your care so thank you for trusting Arkansas Surgical Hospital.

Brian Fowler, CEO
Arkansas Surgical Hospital