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Which Type of Steroid Injection is Right for Your Pain?

Steroid injections are often used to alleviate chronic or long-term pain in joints or the back when prescription medications and topical treatments haven’t been effective….

Get Back on Your Feet Faster with Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive option for diagnosing and treating issues within the knee joint. Learn more about the procedure here. What is arthroscopy?…

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Press Release

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Now Offers Bikini Incision Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

NORTH LITTLE ROCK—Dr. Samuel Baxter, an orthopedic surgeon at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, now offers bikini incision anterior hip replacements.

Symptoms & Solutions: Sciatica

Sciatica results from sciatic nerve compression, leading to pain that radiates down the leg from the base of the spine through the hips and buttocks….

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Press Release

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Receives 2021 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award® for Patient Experience

NORTH LITTLE ROCK—Arkansas Surgical Hospital has received the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award® for the third year in a row. The hospital has been…

Tips for Describing Your Joint Pain to Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Joint pain can be debilitating, limiting daily activities and draining you both physically and emotionally.  In many instances, joint discomfort is the result of some…

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Breast Cancer?

If you worry about developing breast cancer, talking to your doctor is the best way to get advice on reducing your risk based on your…

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Press Release

Hip & Knee Surgeon Joins Arkansas Surgical Hospital

NORTH LITTLE ROCK—Dr. Samuel Baxter is the latest orthopedic surgeon to join the medical staff at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. Dr. Baxter focuses on hip and…

How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Fall means people are getting outside and being more active.  From a tailgate party to the football field, many people will sustain injuries due to…

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