Hiring Night Shift RNs


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Seeking a new and rewarding career? Join Arkansas Surgical Hospital as a Full Time Night Shift RN!

At Arkansas Surgical Hospital (ASH) we provide unique patient and family experiences, in a fast-paced environment. Are you ready for a change in your career? Is NOW the right time for you to join this exclusive team? Make Arkansas Surgical Hospital Your Hospital.

Night shift perks include:

  • Monetary incentive—20-30% shift differential pay
  • Less of a commute! Less traffic to and from work means less time in your car.
  • More time to run errands during the day.
  • More time to focus solely on the patient—nighttime means fewer visitors

What we offer:

  • Safe Nurse to Patient ratio averaging 1 to 5
  • Greater say in your patient’s care
  • Work environment with 95% patient satisfaction
  • CMS recognized facility for Quality Outcomes and Patient Safety
  • Physician Ownership with quarterly bonuses for eligible employees
  • Full range of health-related benefits for eligible employees
  • 401(k) plan with current hospital match of 6%

View our full range of benefits in our employee benefits book.

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