Arkansas Surgical Hospital Opens Specialty Clinic to Serve Hot Springs Area

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE – In an effort to continue to meet the healthcare needs of Arkansas residents, physician-owned Arkansas Surgical Hospital announced it will open another Arkansas Surgical Hospital Specialty Clinic location in October 2020.

The new clinic, located at 122 Cordoba Center Drive in Hot Springs Village, closely follows the opening of the first Arkansas Surgical Hospital Specialty Clinic in Russellville.

The specialty clinics were founded to provide patients with access to specialists in one convenient place.  Professionals from Bowen Hefley Orthopedics, Martin Orthopedics, and Neurological Surgery Associates can be seen on a frequent and rotating basis, saving time and eliminating the cost of travel that may have prevented patients from receiving care previously.

“Our new clinics allow more patients to access specialty care in locations that are convenient for them,” said Brian Fowler, CEO of Arkansas Surgical Hospital.  “Now, residents of Arkansas’s smaller cities can more easily seek care for joint pain, back pain, and nerve disorders from some of the region’s most trusted healthcare experts.”

To learn more about Arkansas Surgical Hospital Specialty Clinic, call (501) 918-0814.

About Arkansas Surgical Hospital: Arkansas Surgical Hospital was founded by orthopedic and spine surgeons who were searching for a way to provide a better overall experience for their patients.  As a physician-owned hospital, the surgeons are the decision-makers.  This allows them to control their patients’ care at a greater level.  Arkansas Surgical Hospital prides itself on its disciplined focus on safety and a total commitment to the care and comfort of patients and their families, resulting in excellent surgical outcomes.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Continues to Focus on the Safety of its Patients, Staff & Community

April 14, 2020 – A message from Brian Fowler, CEO of ASH speaking on behalf of the hospital on how we are meeting the healthcare needs of our patients and community.

April 5, 2020 – The physicians at Arkansas Surgical Hospital have been carefully evaluating each patient’s case to determine if their scheduled procedures can be safely postponed. Elective surgeries—procedures that can be postponed without causing harm to the patient—have been rescheduled or cancelled, while urgent surgeries are continuing.

“Urgent procedures are time-sensitive and can cause additional risk to the patient if delayed,” explained Brian Fowler, CEO of Arkansas Surgical Hospital. “These risks can include patient deficits, opioid addiction from continued use of medication to reduce pain, and emergency room visits during the COVID crisis. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community while addressing safety and care.”

The physicians at Arkansas Surgical Hospital use their clinical judgment and recommendations from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Arkansas Department of Health to determine whether to postpone or to continue with a procedure. The risk factors they must consider include intractable pain control issues, the possibility of permanent impairment with a lack of timely treatment, and the risk of injury from falling.

By treating patients who are at risk of falling, developing blood clots, or undergoing nerve damage, the hospital hopes to prevent injuries that would otherwise mean a trip to the emergency room.

“Reducing the number of visits to the ER prevents unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, reduces the load on overworked ER and ICU staff, and limits the use of essential emergency resources,” said Fowler. “We are adhering to recommendations and have reached out to the Arkansas Department of Health to ensure that we are doing everything possible to protect our patients during this time.”

Arkansas Surgical Hospital is committed to a disciplined focus on safety and the care and comfort of our patients.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Receives 2019 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award®️ for Patient Experience

NORTH LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Surgical Hospital has been named a 2019 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey and is the only hospital in Arkansas to receive this recognition.

The nationally-recognized award honors top-performing health care organizations that have achieved the 95th percentile or above in Patient Experience.  Presented annually, the award names clients who consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients for each reporting period during the course of one year.

The 2019 award recipients were honored at the Press Ganey National Client Conference in Orlando, Florida on November 18.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital receives the 2019 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award.

Representatives of Arkansas Surgical Hospital at the Press Ganey National Client Conference in Orlando, Florida. Left to right: Andrew Covington, CFO; Brian Fowler, COO; Carrie Helm, CEO; Kent Hammond, Director of Patient Care Services; Sarah Loftin, Director of Quality Services.

Arkansas Surgical Hospital at the 2019 Press Ganey National Client Conference

Representatives of Arkansas Surgical Hospital accepting the Guardian of Excellence Award from Patrick T. Ryan, Executive Chairman of Press Ganey Associates.

According to Helm, the award represents an important recognition from the industry’s leader in measuring, understanding, and improving the delivery of care.

“It is an honor for our hospital to be named a Guardian of Excellence for Patient Experience,” said Helm.  “This prestigious award is further proof that our commitment to exceptional care is being recognized by those to whom it matters most: our patients.”

“Congratulations to Arkansas Surgical Hospital for receiving the Guardian of Excellence Award,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Executive Chairman of Press Ganey.  “This honor reflects their unwavering commitment to improving the safety, quality, and experience of care.  Their hard work and dedication are inspiring, and we are proud to partner with them on our shared mission to reduce patient suffering.”

About Arkansas Surgical Hospital: Arkansas Surgical Hospital, the leader in orthopedic and spine surgery in Arkansas, is located in North Little Rock.  The physician owners at Arkansas Surgical Hospital are focused on exceptional outcomes for their patients.  This includes a commitment to patient safety, care, and comfort for patients and their families.  To learn more about Arkansas Surgical Hospital, visit

About Press Ganey: Press Ganey pioneered the health care performance improvement movement more than 30 years ago.  Today, Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of solutions that enables enterprise transformation across the patient journey.  Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience, and workforce engagement.  The company works with more than 41,000 health care facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality, and experience of care.

Urgent Care vs. ER

What’s the Difference Between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room?

When you’re in pain from a serious injury or illness, it can be difficult to know for sure whether you need to go to the emergency room or if you can be treated at an urgent care center.  To help clarify, here are some differences between the two facilities.

Emergency Rooms vs. Urgent Care

As the name implies, emergency rooms are for medical emergencies that need immediate, life-saving attention.  Urgent care centers, on the other hand, are for matters that are serious, but not life- or limb-threatening.

Besides the severity of the conditions treated at each facility, there are several other differences between the two:

Wait Times

Most urgent care clinics can get you in and out within an hour, whether you walk in or call ahead to make an appointment.  At an emergency room, however, you could be waiting for hours if there are people with more severe injuries or illnesses that need to be treated.


Urgent care centers are equipped to handle more than a typical primary care physician’s office.  For example, if you’ve sprained your wrist but your primary care physician’s office is closed, urgent care is a great option.  If you have a severe broken bone that has punctured the skin, however, the emergency room is more appropriate.

Urgent care clinics can also perform services like physicals, EKGs, X-rays, lab work, and vaccinations.  Keep in mind that while urgent care clinics provide these services, they do not function like a primary care physician’s office and should not be used as a substitute for the regular care provided by your primary care physician.


Going to the emergency room costs much more than going to urgent care.  While both urgent care and ER visits can be covered by insurance, keep in mind that if you go to an out-of-network facility or if you are treated by an out-of-network doctor, you may have to pay the full price of the visit out of your own pocket.  Since the cost of urgent care is much lower, it will not be as damaging to your finances.

When to Go to the Emergency Room

If you’re suffering from a life-threatening condition, call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room.  Such conditions could include:

  • Heart attack symptoms: chest pain; squeezing sensations in the chest; pain in the neck, jaw, or arm on the left side of your body
  • Stroke symptoms: sudden numbness on one side of your body; slurred speech; vertigo; vision problems
  • Difficulty breathing, including severe wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Head trauma
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Extremely high fever
  • Poisoning
  • Major burns
  • Loss of consciousness

When to Go to Urgent Care

Go to an urgent care facility if you experience the following:

  • Minor broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Cold and flu symptoms: coughing, sore throat, fatigue, fever
  • Cuts that have stopped bleeding but may require stitches
  • Eye or ear infections
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Minor burns
  • Minor allergic reactions

ASH Urgent Care

In addition to the services listed above, ASH Urgent Care also performs hydration therapy, drug testing, immunizations, and a variety of occupational health services.  If you are in need of urgent care in North Little Rock, call ASH Urgent Care at (501) 918-0814.  Or, go directly to ASH Urgent Care at 7339 North Hills Boulevard, Suite 100.

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