Dr. Brent Lawrence's Arthritis Treatment Options

Dr. Lawrence’s Treatment Options for Arthritis of the Hip & Knee

Dr. Brent Lawrence, Arkansas Surgical Hospital’s newest surgeon, offers his expertise on treating arthritis of the hip and knee.  Dr. Lawrence is now accepting patients at the Arkansas Surgical Hospital Orthopedic Clinic in Conway.

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questions to ask your knee replacement surgeon, knee replacement surgery

4 Questions to Ask Your Knee Replacement Surgeon

Before you consider knee replacement surgery, be sure to ask your orthopedic surgeon these questions.

When considering knee replacement surgery, you are free to ask your knee replacement surgeon as many questions as you need to make your decision. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with four of the most common questions knee surgeons are asked by their patients regarding knee replacement surgery.

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causes of knee pain, knee pain treatment

Find Out What’s Causing Your Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain affects many people, but the underlying conditions that cause it can vary widely. Learning more about the common causes of knee pain can help you narrow down your available treatment options.

Everyone experiences twinges of knee and joint pain as they age, but for some people, knee pain persists over a long period. Chronic knee pain can make it hard to complete everyday activities or even perform simple movements, such as bending down. The exact symptoms associated with your chronic knee pain and the types of treatment available to you vary depending on the underlying cause.

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