Why Dr. Shahim Uses Micro Surgery

Why Dr. Shahim Uses Micro Surgery

One of neurosurgeon Dr. Reza Shahim‘s favorite things about his job is seeing his patients wake up from surgery with near-immediate pain relief.  That’s just one of the reasons why he specializes in micro surgery: it can reduce healing time, resulting in patients getting their lives back sooner.

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5 Stretches to Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Dealing with back pain on a regular basis can make it hard for you to enjoy your favorite activities. But there are certain stretching exercises that you can do at home, that will provide your back with relief.  

You can develop chronic back pain from an injury, a medical condition, or wear and tear that happens over the years. Having this kind of pain can interfere with your everyday life and prevent you from doing some of the things you love. Stretching helps ease tension in your back muscles and keep them flexible, which can provide you with chronic back pain relief. Try the following exercises to manage your back pain, no matter what the cause.

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Dr. Adametz

Surgeon Spotlight: Meet ASH Neurosurgeon Dr. James Adametz

Get to Know Dr. Adametz and learn about why he enjoys his work as a neurosurgeon!

Even as a child, James Adametz knew he wanted to be a physician, but it was not until he got into his medical training, that he realized he “really liked surgery”.  Dr. Adametz believes his strength as a neurosurgeon lies in solving his patient’s particular medical issue.  He searches for the problem and then finds a remedy, especially when the patient has a pinched nerve.  For him, repairing pinched nerves is particularly satisfying because he can quickly relieve his patient’s pain.

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Preparing for spine surgery.

20 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon to Prepare for Your Back Operation

A back pain operation can provide you with relief for chronic pain, but it can also be a complicated procedure with significant recovery time. Asking your surgeon questions can give you peace of mind.

As you are preparing for spine surgery in Arkansas, taking a proactive approach to learning about the procedure and the back pain operation recovery process will allow you to be an active participant in your treatment. It will not only put your mind at ease, but allow you to let family and friends know how they can help as you recover. Asking your surgeon these questions is a good first step in preparing for spine surgery.

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