DocTalk Series:
Dr. Edwards and Dave

Dave Ryan is an avid biker who’s been hitting the trails of Arkansas for over 25 years. He loves the feeling of freedom he gets from being out in the woods.


“You have to concentrate on what you’re doing,” he explained. “It’s not like in the gym, watching TV while you’re on an elliptical or something. You’re out in nature.”


About 10 years ago, Dave injured his hip while riding a motorcycle. But at the time, he didn’t think it was that big of a deal, and he certainly didn’t think it was the right time for a hip replacement.

“You don’t have to live with the pain.  The doctors at Arkansas Surgical Hospital can take care of it and fix you right up.” – Dave Ryan, Hip Surgery

“It didn’t affect me riding my bicycle or my daily activities for the first three or four years, but then the injury in my hip was causing lower back pain,” he recalled.  “Walking and being on my feet all day started bothering me.”

When the pain began affecting Dave while he was riding his bike and it became a struggle to make it through the day, he knew it was time to get his hip replaced.  He ended up seeing the same person who had treated his injury a decade ago: Dr. Paul Edwards.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard patients say, ‘had I known it was gonna be this easy, I would have done it sooner,’” said Dr. Edwards, an orthopedic surgeon.  “That’s a very common phrase.”

Dr. Edwards decided to perform Dave’s hip replacement at Arkansas Surgical Hospital.

“One of the reasons I operate at Arkansas Surgical Hospital is because it provides me the opportunity to take my patients to a hospital where we can control the quality of care that we provide,” he explained about his decision.  “I know that the staff that we hire there, the nurses, the team that we’ve assembled in the operating rooms, are outstanding.  We hire the best quality team available for my patients.”

“What stood out to me about Arkansas Surgical Hospital was the staff, the professionalism of everybody there,” Dave said about his time at Arkansas Surgical Hospital.  “They all specialize in what they do, whether it be your knee, your shoulder, your back, your hip.”

After recovering from his hip replacement, Dave was excited about how soon he was able to get back to doing the things he loved.  In about seven months, he was able to bike once again, riding up to fifty miles on his favorite gravel trails.

According to Dr. Edwards, the specific procedure Dave had—a minimally invasive direct anterior total hip replacement—is great for getting patients back on their feet without the pain that had been holding them back.

“After the replacement, everything just seemed to be back to normal.  I didn’t have any more arthritic pain, any more lower back pain,” Dave said.  “I can do pretty much anything now.  If my wife wants to go hiking, I can go hiking.  I can do all my chores around the house without having to sit down several times.”

Dave’s advice to others?  “You don’t have to live with the pain.  The doctors at Arkansas Surgical Hospital can take care of it and fix you right up.”

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