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March 8, 2018

Four Questions to Ask Your Hip Replacement Surgeon


If you suffer from severe hip pain due to injury, age, or arthritis, your physician may recommend hip replacement surgery. This surgery has relieved many people’s hip pain and restored their mobility.

Before you undergo any major surgery, you need to be informed about what to expect. Prior to your hip replacement surgery, you need to ask your surgeon the following questions.

1. How Do I Prepare for the Surgery?
Properly preparing for this surgery is essential to its success. Experts recommend that you immediately arrange time off with your place of employment. You will need help from friends and family to take care of your home and pets and you will also probably need help for a few weeks immediately after you return home. Your surgeon can help you determine exactly what assistance you will require.

2. What Happens During the Surgery?
If you and your physician have determined that surgery is the best course, you need to understand what the procedure entails. Although these surgeries may vary, they involve replacing the hip socket and the ball of the thigh bone. In a total hip replacement, the cartilage is affected as well. The head of the femur is removed and replaced with an artificial stem and ball. The hip socket is cleaned out and prepared as well.

Be certain to ask your surgeon if your surgery will require a different approach than normal.

3. What Happens Immediately After the Surgery?
Ask your surgeon what the first hours and days after the surgery will entail. Usually, patients can expect to stay in the hospital for two-four days. You will start your physical therapy soon after your surgery. This process often begins the day after surgery, and soon you should be able to walk with a mobility aid such as a walker or cane.

4. What Happens During the Rehabilitation Period?
Depending on your surgeon, you may or may not have out-patient physical therapy after your procedure.  If your surgeon determines you have additional needs for physical therapy or after hospital care, a Discharge Planner will assist you with arrangements.  At first, you should protect your hip by limiting certain activities like climbing stairs. Your doctor may also tell you to remove rugs or anything on the floor that could cause you to slip. You should ask your surgeon if you have any special restrictions.  Your surgeon will let you know when it’s OK to resume normal activities.

Experts recommend that hip replacement patients jot down any questions and concerns, so they’ll be able to discuss them with their surgeon on follow-up visits. The skilled surgeons at Arkansas Surgical Hospital want to be certain that they address your individual needs.

To make an appointment with a surgeon or get more information about hip replacement surgery, contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital by calling the physician referral assistant at (866) 273-1271.

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