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February 9, 2016

Get to Know Your Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Hefley!


Meet your orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Hefley! Dr. Hefley is a compassionate doctor and a meticulous surgeon with a passion for relieving pain and restoring the mobility that makes life worth living.

Dr. William Hefley has been with Arkansas Surgical Hospital since its inception. He is passionate about orthopedics and staying up on the newest, cutting-edge techniques and technology.

“It seems like every year there are new procedures, new implants and new opportunities to make people feel better. That’s what drives me in my career and that’s my favorite aspect of orthopedic surgery—continually trying to get just a little bit better, trying to drive better and better results and happier patients. That will never get old.”

We interviewed Dr. Hefley to find out more about how he became an orthopedic surgeon and what drives him to excel in his field. Read on for his enlightening and honest answers about being an orthopedic surgeon in Arkansas for the past 25 years.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a surgeon?
A: From the time I was a little boy, I wanted to be a doctor. Then, in medical school, I looked at the various options and chose orthopedic surgery because I have a passion for repairing things and making them better than new. Being an orthopedic surgeon lets me meet a lot of nice people from all different age groups and it lets me make a positive difference in their lives.

Orthopedics lets me restore mobility and relieve tremendous pain, which can really change people’s lives. And that’s very rewarding.

Q: What procedure do you do most frequently? Do you have a favorite?
A: I primarily do hip, knee, and shoulder surgery, both joint replacement and arthroscopy. Arthroscopy of the knee includes ACL reconstruction. My practice is limited to those three joints primarily, and it’s all either arthroscopic or joint replacement surgery.

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I do a large number of hip and knee replacements and enjoy performing those and caring for those patients. But I enjoy arthroscopy of the hip, knee and shoulder, as well. I’ve narrowed my practice to a select number of procedures and I love them all. They all can get tremendous results and help people—that’s my favorite part of any surgical procedure.

Q: How did you decide to start Arkansas Surgical Hospital?
A: In the early 2000’s, we had a group of surgeons that were like-minded and all wanted to focus on improving care for our patients. We thought, Who better to direct a hospital and direct patient care than physicians themselves?

We began to put plans together and formed Arkansas Surgical Hospital with the idea that we could really have a positive impact on the patient experience and their family’s experience. We could have a smaller facility with more personal care, easier parking, and private suites so the family can stay with the patient.

Being a physician-owned hospital also let the doctors make their own decisions about the equipment we needed, how to get the best equipment, and the best people to work with. That freedom and ability to go above and beyond drove our decision.

Q: What is the one problem you are best at solving for your patients?
A: The one problem I’m best at solving is pain.

I always say my favorite people are really, really miserable, because I can make a real change their life. When people come in for a hip or knee replacement, or for an arthroscopic procedure, they are usually in quite a bit of pain. They’ve often lost their range of motion and have a diminished quality of life. They’ve had to give up things in their everyday lives that they really enjoy. That’s the point at which orthopedic surgery can really make a difference.

Q: What are you most passionate about personally?
A: My kids and all their activities. I’m blessed with great kids that try hard and do well in so many things. They all have their various endeavors in sports and music and academics. I love going to their events and spending time with them. I spend as much time as I can getting them all together and just being a family.

Q: How do you want to be remembered?
A: I want to be remembered as a good surgeon and a good dad. I think everybody would like to make a difference in the world and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to do that.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Hefley, contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877) 918-7020.

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