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February 4, 2019

Little Details, Big Impact: How Our Physician Owners Make a Difference


As the owners of Arkansas Surgical Hospital, our physicians have control over every aspect of patient care. From the design of the facility to the equipment used during your procedure, our physician owners focus on each decision that affects our patients—every single day.

Design & Comfort
When the founders of Arkansas Surgical Hospital decided they needed a place where they could practice medicine without the unnecessary red tape found in larger facilities, they knew they had the rare opportunity to build something special from the ground up. That’s why they put such care into every aspect of our hospital.

For example, take our lobby: when you walk in, you don’t see a stark, overwhelming waiting area. Instead, you are greeted by a warmly-designed interior and friendly faces wherever you turn. Easing the anxiety that can come before undergoing surgery is important to our physician owners, so they created a lobby that is welcoming rather than intimidating.

Another example of the careful thought put into the hospital’s design is within our patient suites. Our physicians know how important it is for patients to have family nearby as they recover. For this reason, they decided that patient rooms should be more than just one room: they created patient suites with attached family areas. The comfort and convenience provided by these family areas are just a few of the many special touches that set us apart from other hospitals.

This focus on comfort and convenience also led to our physician owners adding a restaurant to Arkansas Surgical Hospital. The River Trail Grille’s experienced chef prepares meals that patients, family members, and staff can all enjoy without having to leave the facility. The Grille is open from Monday to Friday, but patients can order from Room Service any time they like. This allows family members and caregivers to remain on-site in order to assist with comfort and recovery.

Even our carpeted hallways promote a more relaxing environment. How? Footsteps are not as loud when people walk around, and our medical carts can roll more quietly. Our physician owners know the importance of a restful atmosphere, so they decided against noisy, sound-amplifying tile in the hallways outside our patient suites. Little details like this make the difference between a stressful general hospital stay and a comforting, patient-centered experience.

Safety & Quality
Everyone at Arkansas Surgical Hospital is focused on reducing the risk of infection for our patients. Our physician owners hand-pick their operative teams, instead of having each member of the surgical team assigned by a committee that will never enter the operating room. Having performed thousands of surgeries together, our surgeons and their specialized teams have streamlined their treatments to provide you the best care.

Our physician owners also make the buying decisions at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. This allows them to have control over what instruments and technology are used in our operating rooms. For example, last year they turned down the opportunity to purchase a new robotic-arm assisted device. Their reason for saying no?  The technology wasn’t good enough for our patients. Our surgeons were not forced to use it simply because it would generate media buzz for the facility—a practice they have seen many times at other hospitals.

Physician-Owned & Patient-Focused
If you believe you need joint or spine surgery in Arkansas and want your surgeon to be in control of your care, contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital today. Call our referral assistance line at (877) 918-7020 for help scheduling an appointment with one of our physician owners.

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