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As a leading provider of minimally invasive surgery and pain management procedures, we specialize in helping our patients overcome joint pain. Whether you experience acute or chronic pain in your spine, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle, or wrist, Arkansas Surgical Hospital has a solution that can change your life.

Located in Central Arkansas, Arkansas Surgical Hospital serves the whole of Arkansas and neighboring states cutting-edge treatment and exceptional patient care. We have a minimum of one nurse per five patients, ensuring that you get the care you need when you need it. Furthermore, Arkansas Surgical Hospital performs more joint replacements than any other facility in the state, giving you assurance that your health is in very capable hands.

One of the most unique aspects of Arkansas Surgical Hospital is that the facility is owned entirely by our physicians. This means that your care is our number one concern. In fact, the doctors who own Arkansas Surgical Hospital are the very surgeons that provide minimally invasive surgery, treat joint pain, and address your sports injuries.

Another major benefit of a physician-owned facility is the emphasis that is placed on quality and safety. At Arkansas Surgical Hospital, the average length of stay is less than the national average, and the infection rate is 20 times lower than average. This continued commitment to quality makes Arkansas Surgical Hospital the leading choice in Arkansas for your join pain management and surgery needs.

In addition to treating joint issues, Arkansas Surgical Hospital also provides additional services. These services include:

  •     Breast Cancer Surgery
  •     Diagnostic Radiology
  •     Pain Management Injections

Arkansas Surgical Hospital has a beautiful facility that includes 49 private suites with separate accommodations available for their caregivers. We feature an on-campus restaurant and free Wi-Fi throughout the facility. Guest of patients can also have meals available upon request, enabling your loved ones to provide their full support during your hospital stay.

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