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November 30, 2017

Surgeon Spotlight: Meet ASH Neurosurgeon Dr. James Adametz


Get to Know Dr. Adametz and learn about why he enjoys his work as a neurosurgeon!

Even as a child, James Adametz knew he wanted to be a physician, but it was not until he got into his medical training, that he realized he “really liked surgery”. Dr. Adametz believes his strength as a neurosurgeon lies in solving his patient’s particular medical issue. He searches for the problem and then finds a remedy, especially when the patient has a pinched nerve. For him, repairing pinched nerves is particularly satisfying because he can quickly relieve his patient’s pain.

Dr. Adametz enjoys performing spine surgeries that can dramatically improve his patient’s lives and help them return to the activities they love. When asked what a perfect day would look like, he said, “A day when all the surgeries went smoothly and I leave feeling like I was able to positively impact the lives of my patients.”

Dr. Adametz is originally from the Little Rock area and is one of the physician owners of Arkansas Surgical Hospital, where he specializes in spinal surgery. He believes that providing care at a physician-owned hospital is preferable to working at other types of hospitals due to the dedication of all of the physician owners. “Doctors have more control in this environment and insist on the very best patient care possible. With a Double 5 Star Rating from CMS, high standards are easy to achieve at a facility like Arkansas Surgical Hospital.”

When he is not in the operating room or seeing patients at Neurological Surgery Associates, Dr. Adametz enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three children. He also enjoys fishing and is serious about his golf game.

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If you are suffering from spinal issues or other neurological issues that require surgery, consult Dr. Adametz. For more information on his background, including his education and awards, read his complete bio. To request a referral to see Dr. Adametz, call Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877) 918-7020.

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