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Jerry Dynek

“Would I recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital? Absolutely, and I already have. The hospital was immaculate, the staff was extremely competent, the location was safe and easy to get to. All I can say is that this whole experience was life changing. I never gave thanks to God above as much and as consistently as I have since my first operation.

From day one, I have watched my body heal. Today I’m about 17 weeks past my first hip and 9 weeks past my second hip, I’m back to work, I can stand on my feet all day, walk anywhere and ride my bike no problem, and today I mowed my yard! I have truly been given a second chance at life…Maybe I’ll have to change the way I do certain things, but I know I won’t have to change the things I do.” 

Jerry Dynek

Two Hip Replacements

Arkansas Surgical Hospital is dedicated to offering exceptional, state-of-the-art surgical procedures. Our esteemed orthopedic surgeons have experience in treating a broad range of joint disorders, from osteoarthritis and tendonitis to repetitive stress injuries, fractures, and dislocations.

 Our orthopedic specialists treat conditions or injuries that cause you:

    Hip Pain
    Knee Pain
    Shoulder Pain
    Ankle Pain
    Elbow Pain
    Wrist Pain

This includes procedures such as:

    Hip Replacement Surgery
    Hip Resurfacing
    Knee Replacement Surgery
    Shoulder Replacement Surgery
    Rotator Cuff Repair
    Carpal Tunnel Release
    Joint Fusion

If you need orthopedic surgery in Arkansas, you will find that our surgeons provide the highest levels of comfort, care, and compassion. From minimally invasive surgery to extremely complex joint replacement surgery, our surgeons excel in getting you positive results.

Our patients find comfort in knowing that the surgical team at Arkansas Surgical Hospital performs more joint replacement surgeries than any other Arkansas surgical facility. Plus, our infection rates are 20 times lower than the national average, ensuring your health and recovery after you leave our hospital.

Our surgeons are also members of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Arthroscopy Association of North America, and other nationally recognized associations that promote continuing education and recognize individual achievement.

If you or a loved one are considering orthopedic surgery here in Arkansas, we can coordinate your care and guide you through each step of the process. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you get your life back.

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