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August 3, 2020

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Announces Installation of ROSA®️ Knee System for Total Knee Replacement

Press Release

NORTH LITTLE ROCK — Doctors at Arkansas Surgical Hospital have a new helping hand for knee replacement surgery with the arrival of the Zimmer Biomet ROSA®️ Knee System. The ROSA knee system brings together robotic technology with industry-leading surgeons to help personalize surgical procedures.

“Technology can never fully replace the decades of experience possessed by a skilled surgeon, but it can help with technique in certain circumstances,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Bowen, Chairman of the Board of Arkansas Surgical Hospital. “For the surgeons, medical staff and, most importantly, patients, the ROSA Knee assistant has the potential to offer a number of key benefits.”

ROSA Knee is a robotically-assisted surgical system designed to help perform total knee replacement surgery. The system is scheduled to be installed at Arkansas Surgical Hospital in August with surgeries anticipated to start in early September.

Real-time data provided by ROSA Knee alerts surgeons to minuscule movement a patient’s leg may make during the operation. In addition, advanced modeling technology provides a way for surgeons to create three-dimensional models of a patient’s joint using images obtained by x-rays.

The robotic assistant also includes features to assist with bone resections, assessing the state of soft tissues, and controlling and moving surgical instruments, which allows for precision and flexibility for the surgeon during procedures.

“Our surgeons continue to deliver positive patient outcomes, as shown by our low infection rates and patient satisfaction scores,” said Brian Fowler, CEO of Arkansas Surgical Hospital. “The decision to have a joint replacement is often a difficult one for patients to make. This new technology provides another pathway for knee replacement surgery and has the potential to make the decision to have surgery easier moving forward.”

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