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April 28, 2018

Why We Said No to the Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery Technology At Our Hospital


Some time ago, Arkansas Surgical Hospital, a physician owned hospital, was given the opportunity to purchase a robotic arm assisted surgery system.

After carefully considering both the potential benefits and downsides of the robotic arm, we determined that the current form of this technology would not make a measurable difference in the recovery nor the outcomes of patients at our hospital.

Being among the most experienced surgeons in the state, we feel qualified to provide a unique perspective on this technology which is being heavily promoted in the media.

Our research found that, with the use of the robotic-arm tool, patients experienced the following:

  • Longer anesthesia time
  • Use of additional bone pins
  • Would not result in shorter length of stays, less pain or faster recoveries.

It is our opinion that no two surgeries are the same, and these claims have been over promoted.

Shorter length of stays, less pain, and faster recoveries only come from the expertise of skilled and experienced surgeons and nurses.

To be clear, we embrace the use of new techniques and technologies at Arkansas Surgical Hospital when it’s clear that they are safe, effective, and will aid our physicians in producing better outcomes for our patients.

At this time, we do not feel that this technology measures up to our standard.

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