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Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives (about 80% of the population).
Oftentimes, the pain from an injury or ailment goes away on its own or it can be relieved with the help of non-surgical treatments. Butif these methods are not effective, surgeryis needed to repair injuries and alleviate chronic pain that is crippling your quality of life.
The neurosurgery department of Arkansas Surgical Hospital is led by compassionate andexperienced board-certified spine surgeons. Our skilled team can diagnose your condition and treat your pain, helping you return to your normal everyday activities and enjoy them again.
In some cases, it is possible to perform a minimally invasive spine surgery to minimize your incision size, which makes for a quicker surgery. We utilize cutting-edge surgical technology to treat your spinal problems at their source with minimal damage to the surrounding soft tissue and muscles. This means less pain and shorter recovery times.
When necessary, members of our neurosurgery team can perform more extensive procedures to repair more severe damage. These include an array of surgeries that help relieve pain from conditions like herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spinal deformities, joint dysfunction, and osteoarthritis.
While your recovery can take longer after more intensive procedures, they have a higher rate of success after other non-invasive treatments, such as physical therapy and medication, have failed.

Procedures that can be used to relieve severe and chronic back pain include:

    Lumbar Laminectomy

    Cervical Discectomy

    Spinal Fusion

    Spinal Decompression

Your neurosurgeon will make specific recommendations based on your symptoms, past injuries, and general state of health.
Not sure if the time is right for surgery? If you notice any of the following symptoms, spine surgery may be an appropriate choice for you:

    you have back pain that has lasted several months.

    it has not responded to non-surgical treatments.

    the pain does not respond to medication.

    you are unable to participate in your normal daily activities.

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