Do you think you might need treatment for your sports injury? Get help now.

Sports medicine in Arkansas is reaching new levels of professionalism and compassion through the caring team at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. If you have suffered a sports injury or sports related injury and feel surgery may be necessary, we are here to help. Where are you experiencing pain? We can treat conditions related to the following areas:

Shoulder and Elbow

Injuries to the shoulder and elbow occur commonly in sports like baseball, football, tennis, weightlifting, or other activities where the upper arms are put under elevated stress. The shoulder is relatively simple in construction, having just three bones. Your rotator cuff however, is a more complex series of muscles and tendons that hold the upper arm into the center of the shoulder socket. Rotator cuff injuries are often candidates for surgery through either open surgery or a less invasive shoulder anrthroscopy.

Hand and Wrist

Hand and wrist injuries are common in sports, frequently occurring when athletes attempt to brace themselves during a fall. These injuries can include:

    Wrist Strains
    Thumb Strains
    Baseball Finger
    Trigger Finger
    Carpal Tunnel
    Finger Fractures

X-rays are used to determine whether an injury involves a broken bone or nerve injury, where pain is frequently intense and very localized. If the injury is relatively minor, it may be treated by immobilization. For ligament tears or bone fractures, surgery using pins or screws may be required.

Ankle and Foot

Participants in almost every sport are subject to injuries to the ankle and foot. They often occur when the foot doesn’t properly hit the ground or lands on an uneven surface.

Injuries to this part of the body include:

    Achilles Tendonitis
    Ankle Fractures
    Ankle Strains
    Stress Fractures
    Turf Toe

Many doctors will recommend the RICE treatment for minor injuries—meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. But more severe injuries could require a consultation with a surgeon about arthroscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery, or tendon repair.

Neck and Spine

Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis are common causes of lower back pain in teen athletes and can only be diagnosed by X-rays. Other injuries in this part of the body include neck sprains and fractures. Neck and spine injuries that require surgical repair are serious and only an experienced sports medicine surgeon should be considered.


In a variety of sports activities, common knee injuries include:

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
    Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tears
    Collateral Ligament Tears
    Meniscus Tears
    Tendon Tears

Many ligament tears, including those to the ACL, are treated with the removal of the torn ligament and the creation of a new one through the use of grafts.

While surgery isn’t necessary to resolve all sports injuries, it is comforting to know that Arkansas Surgical Hospital has surgeons with expertise in sports medicine. The proper, professional procedures will often lead to a gradual and successful return to activity.

If you are experiencing pain from a sports related injury, we invite you to contact us. Use the form to the right to tell us about your injury and any symptoms of chronic pain or discomfort. We look forward to helping you begin your path to recovery.

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