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March 2, 2018

Surgeon in The Spotlight: Meet Dr. Jesse B. Burks


At Arkansas Surgical Hospital, we are committed to recognizing the outstanding work of our surgeons. Learn more about Dr. Burks, a podiatric surgeon, who has devoted his time, effort, and skills to the wellbeing of countless patients.

A Brief Background on Dr. Burks
A native of Benton, Arkansas, Dr. Burks originally intended to be a physical therapist. This interest led him to take science classes during his college years, which in turn caused him to begin exploring a career in medicine. As he neared the end of his college career, he began to look into different medical specialties.

Dr. Burks married his wife while in college. After they had been married for a year, he realized that he wanted to be a doctor, and she immediately encouraged him to follow his ambition.

Dr. Burks’s Approach to Podiatric Surgery
As a podiatric surgeon, Dr. Burks performs a wide range of surgical procedures. The most frequent procedure he performs is bunion correction, which fixes deformities in the joint that connects the foot to the big toe. Although, his favorite procedure is total ankle replacement surgery, a surgery, sometimes required to treat arthritis in the ankles.

In performing these and other surgeries, Dr. Burks has a reputation for his attention to detail and concern for each person he treats. Patients frequently report that when they visit his office, he takes the time to listen to all their concerns and answer each of their questions. Not only does this give him the information he needs to treat them effectively, but it makes them more comfortable. The more a patient knows, the easier it is for them to choose the treatment option that best addresses their needs and concerns. They can then be confident that they are getting the exact medical services they need.

Dr. Burks’ focus is on understanding how certain foot conditions cause pain. By concentrating on the finer details of pain, he is able to relieve it and provide lasting comfort for his patients.

Dr. Burks Outside the Office
Besides being a surgeon, Dr. Burks is a father to three grown sons. He enjoys spending time with them and his wife, as well as running, drinking coffee, watching TV, and cooking pork and beef on his home smoker.

To learn more about Dr. Burks and the other specialists at Arkansas Surgical Hospital, call us today at (877) 918-7020 for more information.

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