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March 14, 2018

Surgeon Spotlight: Meet Dr. Clay Riley


As a leading healthcare facility owned and operated by its physicians, Arkansas Surgical Hospital depends on the hard work of its skilled and committed team.

As an orthopedic surgeon with a knack for solving complex problems, Dr. Riley is devoted to listening to his patients, diagnosing their orthopedic issues, and coming up with comprehensive, lasting solutions. His hard work continues to give his patients back their quality of life.

Dr. Riley’s Path to Medicine
From the very beginning, Clay Riley saw himself becoming a surgeon. Growing up in East End, Arkansas, he took an early interest in anatomy and biology. He also found that he liked working with his hands. He recognized that surgery would allow him to do this regularly and fulfill his passion for science. As a child, he thought he would be a brain surgeon, and once told his mother that he would perform brain surgery while making milkshakes for a living. He jokes that he ultimately was not far off in that he performs many orthopedic surgeries each week and makes a good margarita!

A Committed Approach to Orthopedic Care
As one of Arkansas Surgical Hospital’s skilled orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Riley performs a wide range of different procedures for his patients. His favorite surgery is shoulder replacement surgery, but is frequently asked to perform arthroscopic repairs on patients’ rotator cuffs. He always listens carefully to his patients’ concerns and explains what he will be doing in a way that they can clearly understand. This allows him to help patients feel more confident about their care while empowering them to pursue good orthopedic health going forward.

Dr. Riley loves a challenge, and never passes up a chance to treat the most complex and confusing orthopedic issues. Patients frequently come to him after other caregivers have tried and failed to diagnose or treat their health problems. He takes pride in being able to spot issues that other doctors overlooked, and in identifying the treatments necessary to resolve rare or complex orthopedic health problems. By regularly challenging himself, he continues to refine his skills.

As a physician-owner of Arkansas Surgical Hospital, Dr. Riley appreciates the differences that come with working in a physician-owned hospital. The surgeons who own Arkansas Surgical Hospital deal directly with patients. This gives them a better sense of what policy decisions, equipment purchases, and other factors will best address patients’ unique needs. And this added attention pays off for patients as demonstrated by better outcomes for patients.

For more information about Dr. Riley, or to request an appointment, contact a physician referral specialist at Arkansas Surgical Hospital today by calling us at (866) 273-1271.

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