orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Hefley Arkansas Surgical Hospital

Get to Know Your Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Hefley!

Meet your orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Hefley! Dr. Hefley is a compassionate doctor and a meticulous surgeon with a passion for relieving pain and restoring the mobility that makes life worth living.

Dr. William Hefley has been with Arkansas Surgical Hospital since its inception. He is passionate about orthopedics and staying up on the newest, cutting-edge techniques and technology.

“It seems like every year there are new procedures, new implants and new opportunities to make people feel better. That’s what drives me in my career and that’s my favorite aspect of orthopedic surgery—continually trying to get just a little bit better, trying to drive better and better results and happier patients. That will never get old.”

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