Learn about two innovations in minimally invasive hip surgery and see which one could be right for you.

What “Minimally Invasive” Really Means When It Comes to Hip Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a well-established procedure that can greatly reduce pain and improve mobility. In 1940, the first surgeon in the US performed a metallic hip replacement in South Carolina. Since that first surgery, medical advances have made the technique easier on patients and has improved recovery time by reducing the trauma to the patient’s body during the procedure.

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arthroscopic hip surgery in arkansas

The Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery in Treating Hip Joint Pain

The advent of improved techniques for arthroscopic hip procedures allows for lower risk of infection and faster recovery.

15% of people older than 65 suffer from hip pain. Problems within the hip joint itself tend to result in pain on the inside of the hip or groin. Hip surgery may help reduce, or even eliminate, your chronic hip pain.

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