how a physician-owned hospital works, physician-owned hospital in Arkansas

How a Physician-Owned Hospital Works – And How it Benefits You

Physician-owned hospitals can provide certain advantages to patients that traditional hospitals cannot. 67% of physician-owned hospitals were awarded the highest possible ratings in a nationwide patient satisfaction survey.*

When you need surgery, it is important to choose the right hospital. You should consider its reputation for quality as well as whether the hospital is physician-owned. Looking at how a physician-owned hospital works shows the superior benefits it offers compared to a traditional hospital structure.

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Benefits of a physician owned hospital

Why You Should Choose a Physician-Owned Hospital for Your Surgical Procedures

Some of the best hospitals in the United States are physician-owned hospitals. What benefits could you reap from choosing a physician-owned hospital in Arkansas for your surgical procedure?

A government study published in December 2012 reports that the number one hospital in the United States for quality of patient care was a physician-owned hospital. The same study showed that nine of the top 10, and 48 of the top 100, hospitals in the United States were physician-owned.

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Arkansas Surgical Hospital Achieves AAHHS Accreditation

Arkansas Surgical Hospital Ranked High Performing Hospital by U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals”

The U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals for Common Care has rated Arkansas Surgical Hospital “High Performing” in hip and knee replacements. The ratings evaluated more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide and rated them on the following scale: below average, average, or high performers.

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