Inteventional pain management helps you ease the side effects that need to monitored and managed during the initial recovery period

Our Recovery Tips for Managing the Side Effects of Epidural Injections

Epidural injections can offer relief for those who deal with chronic back, leg, or neck pain, but they might also cause side effects. These tips for managing the side effects of pain injections can help decrease discomfort and improve results.

Epidural steroid injections are a form of interventional pain management that can help ease soreness and inflammation in your leg, back and neck. These injections, which are administered in the spinal nerve roots in the affected area, can be effective for relieving pain and promoting healing. But this form of inteventional pain management is also associated with some side effects that need to monitored and managed during the initial recovery period.

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recovering from hand surgery, hand surgery recovery

Our Surgeons’ Guide to Recovering From Hand Surgery

Hand surgery recovery is a delicate and often frustrating process. Be sure to follow all of your surgeon’s instruction to ensure you regain your full range of motion.

Whatever the reason for your hand surgery, you can prepare yourself by planning a hand surgery recovery timeline with the help of your orthopedic surgeon and following these helpful guidelines:

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shoulder surgery recovery

After Shoulder Surgery: Tips for a Comfortable and Safe Recovery

Knowing what to expect and making preparations beforehand can help your shoulder surgery recovery proceed smoothly.

After total shoulder replacement surgery, you are required to wear a sling for up to four weeks. You will likely be able to come out of the sling during physical therapy after two weeks. Most patients return to normal mobility after a month. However, many overlook the lifestyle changes they should make before entering the operation room. You need to make certain safety modifications to your home and routine to prepare for your recovery and rehabilitation.

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spine surgery recovery

What You Need to Know About Recovering From Spine Surgery

When non-surgical, chronic back pain treatment has failed, surgery may be the logical next step. For your spine surgery to be a success, it is important to prepare you and your home for the recovery process.

Your doctor should provide you with complete recovery instructions, but knowing what you will need post-surgery helps you to be an active participant in your treatment.

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