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April 10, 2018

The Most Common Injuries for Basketball Players


Although basketball is not inherently a violent sport, it can be a physical one that is hard on the body. Not surprisingly, players can suffer a number of issues that require sports injury treatment.

Because basketball is a high scoring game, is is a very exciting sport to watch. Some children start playing basketball as soon as they can walk and many pursue the sport all the way through high school and college. Although fun to watch, here are the most common injuries that a basketball player might have.

Types of Injuries
Each year children under the age of 15 suffer 200,000 basketball-related injuries that require emergency treatment. The most common injuries are minor sprains and strains, but eye injuries are also prevalent. Basketball related injuries may effect all of the following body parts:

  • Ankle/foot
  • Hip/thigh/leg
  • Knee
  • Forearm/wrist/hand
  • Face/scalp

These injuries don’t just happen to children, as they also frequently occur in college and professional players. As the player’s skill level rises, the potential for serious injury does as well. NBA players suffer most from lateral ankle sprains, patellofemoral inflammation, lumbar strains, and hamstring strains.

Some of these injuries are due to falls and collisions with other players, but many come as a result of overuse and repetition. For instance, patellofemoral inflammation often develops due to overuse that results in the degradation of the cartilage under the kneecap.

Injury Prevention
The experts at Arkansas Surgical Hospital offer suggestions for avoiding overuse injuries. These include warming up properly prior to playing and not playing through the pain. When your muscles are tight, injury is more likely to happen. It is also important to vary your exercise routine to ensure you aren’t overworking the same muscles. These steps are important for all basketball players but particularly apply to young people who are still growing. Overuse injuries can cause ongoing problems for athletes throughout their lives.

Sports Injury Treatment
If you have a strain or sprain, you should consult with a sports injury doctor to determine what treatment, if any, is indicated. Simple rest may be enough to treat some sports conditions, but only a doctor can determine that.

In some cases, more aggressive treatment is indicated, occasionally including sports injury surgery. Basketball players are prone to torn ACL injuries because they must continually shift directions quickly. Only surgery can correct that issue. Some fractures and other injuries can also mean that surgery is indicated.

If you are experiencing problems related to a basketball-related injury, you can find the right professional help at Arkansas Surgical Hospital. For more information about a sports injury, request an appointment today by calling (866) 273-1271.

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