Orthopedic Surgery

August 1, 2017

What Should I Do to Prepare for Hand Surgery?


First, check your calendar for important dates. Then, get your home and support system in order.

In addition to the pre-operative instructions you will receive from your surgeon, there are a few steps that will help to ensure a successful recovery for your hand surgery in Arkansas. Depending on the type of hand surgery and the nature of your chronic hand pain, you will most likely have to make arrangements to adjust for: Limited mobility at home and work, arranging transportation, and rearranging your home to accommodate your recovery.

Check Your Calendar
Whether your recovery is expected to last a few weeks or several months, there will be an adjustment period after the procedure as you get used to the disruption in your normal routine. Do you have regular appointments, activities, meetings or errands scheduled during your recovery period? Before surgery, make alternate plans so that you’re not scrambling to cancel an appointment you set up months earlier, while your hand is still healing from surgery.

Go Shopping and Stock Up on Necessities
In addition to prescription medications, you may also rely on over-the-counter pain relievers after surgery. Buy them ahead of time and separate the pills into a portable pill box or plastic baggies that will be easier to open when your hand is bandaged. The same goes for groceries and household essentials like toiletries. Most of our daily routines are second nature, so try to imagine how you will get about your day without full use of your hand before surgery, so that you can be prepared.

Prepare to Limit Use of Your Hand
Try to keep your everyday living space as uncluttered as possible, and try to avoid the urge to use your hand before your doctor has given the green light. Even simple tasks like using a door handle or turning on a lamp can disrupt your surgical site or cause pain, so keep this in mind as you recover.

Set Up a Support System
Depending on the requirements of your physical therapy and recovery plan, you may need help around the house, especially if you have small children. Discuss what your limitations will be with your doctor, and set up an adequate support system. If you live alone, ask friends and family for help, or look into a professional caregiver, even if you think you won’t need it.

Follow Instructions
Follow your prescribed recovery plan until your doctor says otherwise, even if you feel better or think you’re healing faster than what your surgeon predicted.  Use your regular appointments with doctors and nurses to ask questions about adding activities back into your daily life.

Hand Surgery in Arkansas
For more information on treatment options for chronic hand pain and injuries, Contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877)-918-7020. Our physician-owned hospital enhances our patients’ quality of life through safe, high-quality, high-value care.

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