Pain Management

April 4, 2017

How Long Is Too Long to Ignore Chronic Back Pain?


Quick answer: if you are asking yourself this question, you should stop ignoring your chronic back pain and see a specialist.

Chronic back pain has several possible causes, ranging from spinal disc problems to underlying diseases or conditions. If you have had back pain for months or even years, receiving a diagnosis can help you and your back pain specialist determine a course of treatment that can provide you with relief.

Are You Unable to Do Your Favorite Activities?

Chronic back pain can come and go over a period of months or even years. When this pain flares up, you might have trouble going for walks or doing other physical activities that you normally enjoy.

Think back to the recent months; have you been unable to do enjoyable activities because of back pain? If so, it is time to see a specialist and stop ignoring the pain.

Do You Try to Avoid Lifting Things Due to Pain?

Simple tasks, such as carrying groceries or lifting items, can cause a considerable amount of discomfort if you have been dealing with chronic back pain.

When you avoid these kinds of essential tasks just because of pain, there is an issue that should no longer be ignored. This pain could be due to a problem with one or more spinal discs that has grown worse over time, such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Keep in mind that these causes of pain are treatable with nonsurgical as well as surgical options, even if you have had back pain for years.

Is Chronic Back Pain Affecting Your Mood?

Dealing with chronic back pain can have a harmful effect on your mood. You are at a higher risk for depression when you are unable to stay physically active because of pain. If you feel this way and you believe that your chronic pain plays a part in your depression, it is time to seek help from a back pain specialist in Arkansas.

Are You Experiencing Other Symptoms?

Other symptoms can occur with chronic back pain. This can indicate a more complex or serious problem that needs medical attention. Possible causes of back pain that require medical care include kidney stones, arthritis, infections, endometriosis, and tumors.

If you have additional symptoms with chronic back pain, it is time to see a specialist for a diagnosis. Keep in mind that you should seek medical care as soon as possible if back pain occurs with tingling or numbness in your legs or feet, if you have trouble urinating, if you are running a fever, or if you are experiencing weakness.

Are you ignoring your chronic back pain? Find relief by contacting Arkansas Surgical Hospital to schedule an appointment with a back pain specialist at (877) 918-7020. We can help you find relief from persistent back pain that interferes with your daily activities and reduces the quality of your life.

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