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October 26, 2018

Why Dr. Shahim Uses Micro Surgery


One of neurosurgeon Dr. Reza Shahim‘s favorite things about his job is seeing his patients wake up from surgery with near-immediate pain relief. That’s just one of the reasons why he specializes in micro surgery: it can reduce healing time, resulting in patients getting their lives back sooner.

“As technology has improved, we are able to perform spine surgery using smaller and smaller incisions,” Dr. Shahim explains. “The minimally invasive approach allows patients to experience relief quicker and ultimately heal quicker.”

He often uses this technique, also known as micro surgery, to help patients with their back, hip, and leg pain caused by sciatica and spinal stenosis. “It is incredibly satisfying to help my patients realize great outcomes and to give them freedom from their debilitating pain,” he says.

Dr. Shahim knew he wanted to become a neurosurgeon after his first year of medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He acquired his neurological training at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, later returning to Little Rock in 2001 to join Neurological Surgery Associates.

While he is enthusiastic about how micro surgery can benefit those undergoing neurological procedures, Dr. Shahim is careful to be realistic with his patients about what they can expect. “Minimally invasive surgery is not for everyone,” he cautions. “Some patients’ spine disease requires a bigger surgery.”

However, his extensive neurosurgery experience has shown him that as technology improves, more and more surgeries could very well soon be performed with reduced trauma at the incision site.

“Improvements in technology have resulted in equipment and processes that even allow patients that have a ‘bigger’ surgery to experience a reduced incision. Using special navigation systems, we are able to create less trauma for surrounding tissue, less pain, and patients are able to go home quicker.”

—Dr. Reza Shahim on micro surgery

If you’ve been living with debilitating pain, it may be time to find out if minimally invasive neurosurgery can help. Contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877)-918-7020 to make an appointment with Dr. Shahim.

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