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July 20, 2015

Why You Should Choose a Physician-Owned Hospital for Your Surgical Procedures


Some of the best hospitals in the United States are physician-owned hospitals. What benefits could you reap from choosing a physician-owned hospital in Arkansas for your surgical procedure?

A government study published in December 2012 reports that the number one hospital in the United States for quality of patient care was a physician-owned hospital. The same study showed that nine of the top 10, and 48 of the top 100, hospitals in the United States were physician-owned.

Of the 3,000 hospitals evaluated in the study, there are only 238 physician-owned hospitals in the United States and they comprised nearly half of the top 100. What is it about the model of a physician-owned hospital that generates such positive results?

Lower Prices
One of the most notable benefits of a physician-owned hospital is the cost-effective and efficient approach to medical services. Unlike public hospitals, they pay sales, property, and inventory taxes, which leaves no room for wasteful spending, unnecessary diagnostic tests, or excessive administration costs.

Because the doctors have a stake in the hospital’s profitability, they help keep an eye on the bottom line, which increases both financial efficiency and patient care. Physician-owned hospitals are often on the cutting edge of technology in their field because doctors control the equipment purchasing and weigh its cost against its long-term health benefits and functionality.

Hospitals that try to replicate the benefits of a physician-owned hospital have often been able to bring prices for procedures down by engaging in value-based purchasing.

Patient feedback indicates that receiving more personalized treatment, and feeling confident that their expenses were being closely monitored, improved the quality of their stay. A happy patient is a return patient; making quality care a long-term investment of which specialty hospitals take advantage.

Quality of Care
In a physician-owned hospital, the procedures are typically very specialized—such as spine surgery, interventional pain management, or orthopedic surgery—which allows doctors to focus purely on their medical specialty. When doctors have a say in what procedures they focus on, what equipment they prefer to work with, and how many patients they can safely take on at once, it creates a patient-centric environment.

With a vested interest in ensuring that each patient receives the top care available, physician-owned hospitals statistically have an incredibly low infection rate. For example, the infection rate at Arkansas Surgical Hospital is 0.14%, which is 20 times lower than the national average.

Another practical benefit is the low patient to nurse ratio. A low patient to nurse ratio ensures that nurses are not over-worked or distracted. This model creates a positive work environment for employees as well, which in turn affects quality of care. At Arkansas Surgical Hospital, our nurse to patient ratio is 1:5.

Patient Satisfaction
Patient satisfaction is so high in physician-owned hospitals that traditional hospitals are emulating their management style and standards of service. Factors that help determine patient satisfaction include:

  • Comprehensive management of your medical condition under one roof
  • Access to cutting edge technology and facilities
  • Lower costs
  • Advanced quality of care

If you need a specialist or a surgical procedure, consider a physician-owned hospital in Arkansas. 93% of our patients say they would definitely recommend Arkansas Surgical Hospital to friends and family*.

Experience the benefits of a physician-owned hospital and Contact Arkansas Surgical Hospital at (877)-918-7020 to set up your appointment with one of our experienced surgeons.

*according to Hospital Compare Jan, 2014-Dec, 2014.

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